Every aquarium is different, but they all need maintenance that is best suited for it's unique conditions.

With us... your aquarium will stay as it was its first day!!

Importance of water change:

Decreases the level of NITROGENOUS  pollutants

  • Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are compounds harmful to fish, from Ammonia to nitrite and finally into nitrate causes stress to fish making them open to disease and poor growth.

Eliminates decomposing organic waste materials

  • as this organic material undergo chemical decomposition, they releases harmful elements such as nitrogenous product, phosphate and other chemicals that causes cloudiness in the tank. In worst scenario, decomposing of waste materials generates an acidic environment.

Improves water clarity

  • Avoids odor and cloudiness of water making it crystal clear.

Creatures Oasis Offers:

  • Full Aquarium cleaning

includes water change, adding conditioner or any other water additives is upon customer's decision.

  • Water Testing

>Checking the quality of water. (Ammonia, Nitrite, ad nitrate are included)

  • Filtration and pump Maintenance

>Repairing leakage or broken pumps and filter,making sure proper filtration is present.

  • Installation and set up

>Setting up and installing new tanks, or tanks that has been resettled.

In so many years Creatures Oasis  continuously    gaining excellency in this field, sending out our skilled and professional  team to check, review and resolve every aquarium issue. Our main goal is to gratify each customer as well as educate everyone about this hobby, for their happiness is our Passion.

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