Dog carrier complete with accessories. Different sizes.



Are you planning to go on holiday? No problem! Thanks to the Atlas Professional pet carriers, you will be able to take your faithful friend with you, by boat, train, car or even by plane. In fact, the Atlas Professional boxes are manufactured in compliance with the IATA air transportation standards that govern construction and mounting of internal accessories. 
Please note: Complying with these guidelines does not guarantee boarding of the aircraft, as this is at the discretion of the airline. Before setting off with your furry friend, we suggest you contact the airline and request information regarding the rules adopted by the specific airline. 

All dog pet carriers in this range are equipped with lateral spring hooks with safety locks and a solid door, made of plastic-coated steel, a retractable and extendable handle, a feeding trough for food or water, lateral ventilation grilles for proper air circulation, an hygienic draining mat and a compartment for objects. 
With the aim of responding to the more restrictive regulations requested by some airlines in particular, the safety closure of the carrier has undergone a recent restyling that makes it easier to use and effective: by turning the knob, four fixing points are activated that anchor the door to the main structure of the carriage avoiding unpleasant accidental openings during the journey. Included inside the package, at last, you will find some clamps which can be fixed to the carrier door to guarantee more safety and 8 screws which can be fixed to the suitable holes of side closing systems.
The wheels (optional) can be attached to the bottom of the cage: L145 wheel kit for Atlas 40, L388 kit for Atlas 70 or the wheel kit L388B for Atlas 50 and 60 Restyling. This kit includes 2 fixed wheels and 2 pivoting wheels with brake.



81 x 55.5 x  h 58 cm - ATLAS 50

91 x 61 x h 66.5 cm - ATLAS 60



  • Three models for medium and large-sized dogs
  • Ideal to travel by train, plane, boat or car
  • Produced according to IATA air transportation regulations
  • Grills for maximum ventilation
  • Easy to move thanks to the pull-out handle
  • Lateral locking catches with safety blocking system
  • Plastic-coated steel door and security locking system with 4 fixing points
  • Hygienic draining mat keeeping the carrier perfectly dry
  • With holes for the screws (included)
  • Includes handy bands to be applied on the door
  • One feeder included, also available as spare part
  • Useful compartment for accessories
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 50 Professional: 30 Kg
  • Maximum capacity Atlas 60 Professional: 45 Kg
  • Atlas 50 net weight: 7,68 Kg
  • Atlas 60 net weight: 10,91 Kg



  • Plastic feeder
  • Plastic hygienic draining mat in the models Atlas 50, 60 and 70
  • Screws and bends




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