Ferplast PA 4000 CAT SCRATCHER

Ferplast PA 4000 CAT SCRATCHER


Ferplast PA 4000 CAT SCRATCHER
Scratch poles are a must for cat owners, so cats can scratch away without ruining your curtains or sofas. Ferplast offers several different models in different sizes, made with different materials, to fulfil any need you may have. 

The PA 4000 scratch pole has a central column made of sturdy cardboard, a small toy ball attached to a string, and a soft square base padded with plush. Perfect for your cat to stretch and scratch, this pole is particularly practical thanks to its small size. 
The cardboard rings can also be bought as separate parts, for easy replacement if needed.


Dimension: 28.5 x 28.5 x h 53.5 cm


Scratch pole with spring toy

Practical and compactSoft square plush base

Scratch pole made of sturdy cardboard

Height: 53.5 cm

Cardboard rings available as spare parts




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