FERPLAST PA 5216 Treat Dispenser

FERPLAST PA 5216 Treat Dispenser


A small prize for your kitty! PA 5216 is a plastic game for cats that distributes biscuits while it rolls. In fact, this apparently normal ball hides inside a particular mechanism that allows you to insert biscuits or small biscuits: by playing and rolling the ball, the cat will find, without its knowledge, a welcome treat! PA 5216 is built with quality materials that are not absolutely dangerous for animals and is available in a single model and color version. 
How to use: insert some biscuits inside and adjust the opening of the hole so that only one piece comes out while it rolls on the floor.

  • Features

    • Game dispenser for cat food
    • Equipped with a mechanism for inserting biscuits
    • They come out while the cat plays with it




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