Imac - Play time Hamster cage

Imac - Play time Hamster cage


Dimension : 23x12x7 CM

The Play Time hamster cage from IMAC is a complete home for your little friend. The cage comes with a play wheel to run on, tubes, which are no less than an amusement ride for your small pet and a feeder bowl. This helps him to play, sleep and feed comfortably in the cage only. The cage is perfect to cater to all needs of your hamster. It is very important for your hamster to have some playing accessories in his cage to keep him busy and it gives the much needed exercise as well.


The cage has a durable plastic sheet at the base to ensure that your hamster does not hurt his feet. The wires of the cage are placed comfortably to ensure that it does get stuck in it if he tries to squeeze his head. The tubes in the cage can accommodate hamsters of any size, so be assured that your hamster will not get stuck in it. This can accommodate more than one hamster in the cage provided they are acclimatized to each other.



  • Complete home for your hamster
  • Play area with wheel and tubes 
  • Durable plastic on cage floor
  • Can accommodate more than one hamster provided they are acclimatized




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