Kiki Max Menu for Guinea Pigs 1kg

Kiki Max Menu for Guinea Pigs 1kg


KIKI Excellent MAX MENU for guinea pigs is a high quality complete food that has been formulated to provide all the essential nutrients in large quantities. Its continued use will keep your guinea pig in perfect health, providing you with more quality of life and greater longevity. This special mixture ensures that they maintain a great appetite .. it provides a low calorie diet that prevents obesity that some individuals can acquire with bad eating habits. Provide the necessary amount of vitamin C, essential for this species. It has been packaged in a controlled atmosphere.
How to use: An adult guinea pig should eat between 30 and 50 gr per day, depending on its size and activity. It is preferable to distribute the food in two daily doses. It can complement with hay and vegetables.

Ingredients: corn, white pipes, alfalfa pellets, flaked cereals (wheat, corn and green peas), peeled peanuts, alfalfa sprouts, carob beans, expanded vegetable croquettes (vegetables, cereals and carrots) and extruded hay.

Nutritional values:
• Crude protein 12%
• Crude fat 2.7%
• Crude fiber 20%
• Ash 7%
• Humidity 10%
• Calcium 0.7%
• Phosphorus 0.5%
• Sodium 0.3%




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