Kiki Max Menu Parrot Food

Kiki Max Menu Parrot Food


Complete food extra for parrots and parakeets. Parrots and macaws are birds belonging to the family of parrots, characterized by a long longevity and great intelligence. However this same intelligence may cause patterns of behaviour unbecoming of his kind in free State. To avoid these situations, it is essential to interact with these birds, playing and keeping them inthe measure d elo possible with some activity. This strategy will never be valid but will sashaying of balanced nutrition and that provide all the essential elements such as vitamins, amino acids and minerals KIKI MAX MENÚ parrots provides all the essential nutrients in a balanced mix of seeds that keeps the appetite and attention on her. It comes as a controlled atmosphere.

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    Ingredients: dried fruits (pineapple, papaya, bananas and raisins, extra guindillla, chopped carob, extruded cereals, extruded in fruit, peanuts, extra large safflower, pipe grated giant, pipe grated iregi, pipe albina, Red Sorghum, extra-white dari, hemp, extra hard wheat, corn cribs, green soy and pumpkin seeds.)


    • 15.5% Crude protein
    • Humidity 8.6%
    • 16.5% Crude fat
    • 26.1% Crude fiber
    • Ash 2,9%
    • Calcium 0.40%
    • Phosphorus 0.39%
    • Sodium 0,182 g/kg




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